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Why having the right Enhanced 911 solution is crucial:

911 Secure was founded because the need for a comprehensive, affordable, easy to use Enhanced 911 solution was essential within the industry.  With Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act, companies need an economical solution that provides the required information and notifications. The workspace is ever changing; workers are constantly on the move, from floor-to-floor on campus, to offsite meetings or working remotely. With 911 Secure, we help companies ensure that when their employees or customers dial 911, the response is quick and accurate.

911 Secure provides Enhanced 911 services. By focusing on only E911, we are able to ensure that all of our attention and product development is always pushing forward to the same goal.  

Excellent customer service is extremely important to us, especially since our business is about saving lives.  911 calls are the most important calls that will ever be processed by a call server. That being the case, we have designed our solution to have the least failure points. This gives the 911 call the best chance of being routed to the correct servicing 911 center and notifying the correct on-site personnel that 911 has been called. 

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911 Secure's Sentry solution  is part of Avaya's DevConnect Program. Find the application notes at the following link: 



Kari's Law went into effect on 2/16/20 and applies to every state.  We can help you stay compliant.



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